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"I've looked at life from both sides now, from win and loose, and still somehow, it's life's illusions I recall; I really don't know life at all." - Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now

Thank you for taking the time to meander through my corner of the web.

Friday 6th November 2004:

What the Hell happened?!!  I thought for sure that Kerry would win.  This is devastating!  The thought of 4 more years of a Bush Administration terrifies me.

Where do we go from here I wonder?

Tuesday 2nd November 2004:

Here's hoping that John kerry becomes the 45th President of the United States of America!

Friday 22nd October 2004:

I'm back!!  I fancied updating the site, and adding some new pages about the things that interest/inspire/excite me right now.  Enjoy!

Sarah  xoxo

Monday 12th April 2004:

As you can see, the majority of HolidayInHarlem has disappeared. This is a result of me and my complete internet illiteracy...I somehow managed to wipe the entire site without intending to. An "uh-oh" if ever there was one.

I will rebuild the site as and when I feel enclined to do so.

I hope, wherever any of you happen to be right now, that you're happy and fulfilled and exploring.

Take care,

Sarah xoxo

Mine the darkness and see by the path you leave behind